Your Near Shore Outsourcing Partner

Outsourcing Partnerships don’t need to be complicated. Panamcor LLC offers 1 to 1 staff replacement back-office services, where our employees are trained on your system and processes and report through your heirachy.

Quality You Can Rely On. Security You Can Trust

We are ISO 27001 for our Information Security Management System.

Experienced in Diverse Client Needs

Panamcor is a fast growing, low-cost, back office provider, servicing a diverse portfolio of clients with an experienced leadership team on the ground in Panama.

Why Panama?

Learn why major international corporations call Panama home.

Panamcor LLC Services


At Panamcor, we work with our clients as partners. Our processes are completely customizable to your business industry and processes. Our team becomes part of your team and integrates within your operational structure. Staff works directly with your team and enters data directly into your systems. This allows for a model that is more flexible and functional than traditional outsourcing.

Because our team members train directly on your processes, the types of services and industries we served are not limited. Below are some of the industries and processes we have traditionally worked on, but others can be adapted to easily.


Mortgage Services

Real Estate Information

Property Taxes

Medical Records

Data Entry

Research Tasks


Quality Assurance

Bilingual Customer Service

ISO Ceritifed


Our Panamanian partner company Panama Outsource Solutions S.A, maintains an active certification of compliance with the ISO 27001 standard for our Information Security Management System.

Each year we undergo 2 annual audits: First by an external firm that handles our internal audits and then by an external auditing body that ensures we remain in compliance with the international standard.


About Us


Panamcor LLC along with our Panamanian partner company Panama Outsource Solutions S.A. have years of experience staffing and developing talented and dynamic teams to support a wide range of client projects and needs.

Our organizational leadership is made up of both Americans and Panamanians and almost all based full time out of Panama. We have the local experience and tried and true practices and processes to identify, hire, train, and retain top tier staff.

Our robust hiring and knowledge transfer processes allows us to go from contract to implementation in as little as 30 days.

Why Panama?

  • Ample supply of English-speaking workers – no labor shortages
  • US Dollar based economy
  • Near Shore- direct flights from 15 US cities. Flights as short as 3 hours.
  • Eastern Time Zone (No Daylight Savings Time)
  • Safe and Stable Democracy – no civil unrest or international conflict
  • Several large cap US companies call Panama home for major offshore centers
  • Great weather and cultural attractions

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